Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bone Cancer Linked to Fluoride

Harvard Study: Strong Link Between Fluoridated Water and Bone Cancer in Boys

Boys who drink water with levels of fluoride considered safe by federal guidelines are five times more likely to have a rare bone cancer than boys who drink unfluoridated water, according to a study by Harvard University scientists published in a peer-reviewed journal.
The study, led by Dr. Elise Bassin and published online today in Cancer Causes and Control, the official journal of the Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention, found a strong link between fluoridated drinking water and osteosarcoma, a rare and often fatal bone cancer, in boys. The study confirms studies by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the New Jersey health department that also found increased rates of bone cancer in boys who drank fluoridated tap water.
Bassin's study comes on the heels of a National Academy of Sciences (NAS) report that found the federal "safe" limit for fluoride in tap water did not protect children from dental fluorosis or increased bone fractures. The NAS recommended that the allowable limit for fluoride in tap water be lowered immediately.
"This study raises very serious concerns about fluoride's safety and its potential to cause bone cancer in teenage boys," said Richard Wiles, EWG's senior vice president. "The findings raise fundamental questions about the wisdom of adding fluoride to tap water."
EWG urges communities not to add fluoride to tap water, and advises parents to avoid fluoridated water for their children, particularly bottle fed infants. "Fluoride is fine in toothpaste, where it is directly applied to the teeth, but provides almost no dental benefit in water, while presenting serious health risks, particularly for boys," Wiles said.

Dr. Zach's Comments:
  • Fluoride is a toxic substance to the human body that we as a society consume for it's perceived value. That value is "hardening" of tooth enamel for cavity prevention.
  • Not only does this toxic substance increase the likelihood of cancer in boys, fluoride has also been shown to increase the incidence of Strep Throat and inhibit thyroid function, among others.
  • So, here's the million dollar question: What did our ancestors do before fluoride? Did they all have rotten teeth or have to buy dentures? No. Of course not. Cavities, like many other health problems in this country are a result of sugar consumption. Eliminate sugar, and you eliminate cavities. Eliminate cavities and you no longer have a need for fluoride.
  • The key to health is not finding the right potion.... It's asking the right question.