Friday, May 25, 2007

New Oral Contraceptive May End Periods

New Oral Contraceptive May End Periods
(WebMD) Menstrual periods may soon be just another lifestyle choice for American women. The continuous oral contraceptive Lybrel was shown to be highly effective for eliminating monthly bleeding in a yearlong study. The study was published in the December issue of the journal Contraception. After a year on the pill, roughly 60 percent of the women in the study experienced no periods and 20 percent had some spotting. Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, which funded the study, hopes to launch the low-dose oral contraceptive early next year, pending approval by the FDA. Wyeth is a WebMD sponsor. Birth control pills designed to limit uterine bleeding to just four times a year are already on the market in the U.S. But Lybrel is the first oral contraceptive designed to do away with periods.
"There just is no good medical reason for a woman to have menstrual periods if
she doesn't want them," gynecologist and study researcher David F. Archer, M.D.,
tells WebMD. "It really does come down to an issue of preference."

Dr. Zach's Comments:

  • Hey Look! The Pharmaceutical Industry is at it again... taking a perfectly normal process, which happens to be essential for a woman's health, and creating utter chaos out of it. Obviously gynecology is not my area of expertise, but health is and this threat to your health needed to be addressed.

  • I have to emphatically disagree with Dr. Archer as well. A woman's menses is a vital part of uterine health. Each cycle is completed with a sloughing of the old uterine wall to make way for new viable tissue. If the uterine wall does not degenerate and regenerate the risk for disease in the old tissue is going to increase. It's that simple. Do you want convenience now and disease later or good health now and good health later. When do we say enough is enough and start to allow the natural processes instituted by our creator to simply happen as they were intended.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Play Ball (Red Sox)

PLAY BALL! Chiropractic Adjustments Keep Boston Red Sox Organization Physically Fit Throughout the Baseball Season

BOSTON -- Thanks to an integrated medical team of orthopedists and internists, certified athletic trainers, chiropractors, massage and physical therapists, the Boston Red Sox organization actively practices injury prevention in anticipation of a winning season in 2007. Competing at an exceptionally high level, both players and staff cover all their bases when it comes to maintaining optimal health, with chiropractic adjustments contributing to the overall fitness of the organization.According to Michael D. Weinman, DC, Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP) and a member of the medical team who provides chiropractic care for three to four hours prior to the first pitch of about two-thirds of all home games, “When the body’s joints, muscles and nerves are well-conditioned, a player performs at the top of his game and is able to stave off nagging injuries. Chiropractic adjustments enhance physical health and promote top performance.”Jim Rowe, a certified athletic trainer who has served as head team trainer and is currently the medical operations coordinator for the past two years for the Boston Red Sox explains, “Chiropractic care is part of the overall healthcare approach and provides yet another service to our players. Dr. Weinman does not do everything -- but what he does, he does best. We intend to continue offering this service which is valued by active team members of every age.”
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Dr. Zach's Comments:

  • The list of professional athletes who use chiropractic care to take their game to champion level reads like who's who of sports. From Tiger Woods to Lance Armstrong; LaDainian Tomlinson of the San Diego Chargers to Jonny Damon of the Yankees. Find a champion in sports and you will find a chiropractor caring for the integrity of their spine and nerve system.

  • If these elite athletes value regular chiropractic care to optimize health and athletic performance, it is certainly advisable that we do the same.